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Are you looking for an outdoor event where teams compete in an enjoyable and creative atmosphere to find the winning formula?

Our walking Teambuilding Treasure Hunt is the ideal solution. Not only does it address all of the above in arelaxed informal way, but it also provides a fun and challenging way to explore a city. We currently have Treasure Hunts prepared for the following locations: Stratford-upon-Avon, Royal Holloway College in Surrey, Brighton and London (multiple locations).

However, we can tailor a Treasure Hunt for any city in the UK. Just let us know where you are interested in and we'll create a bespoke Treasure Hunt especially for your team.

Benefits of a Teambuilding Treasure Hunt


The participative nature of our treasure hunts and the adaptability to different business scenarios enables:

  • Team working and co-operation through friendly competition.
  • Decisions and mistakes to be made in a safe learning environment, where participants can build confidence.
  • Trust in others to be built through improved departmental, individual or external relationships.
  • Staff to become more aware of themselves and others.
  • Individual potential to be realised or discovered.
  • Leadership, problem solving, planning and communication skills to be tested and developed.

Combine all this with the motivational and stimulating impact of taking your group away within the UK and you have a very powerful tool.


How a Teambuilding Treasure Hunt works:

Each team is given a treasure hunt pack then taken on a tour of the location. In Brighton for example we visit all the main tourist sites: the Pavilion, Pier and famous Lanes as part of the hunt. We also usually incorporate a visit to a pub or coffee bar!

There are cryptic clues and riddles to solve along the way and they may meet characters (optional) who will assist them and ask them to collect various 'treasure' articles and complete photo challenges (optional). Teams are scored upon correct answers to the trail questions, number of treasure articles acquired and the time it takes to complete the trail.

As the start of the treasure hunt is staggered, there is also a quiz to complete prior or post to the teambuilding treasure hunt. The points from the quiz are weighted and added to the treasure hunt score. The team with the highest score from both activities wins the overall challenge.

Our treasure hunts are completely flexible so they can be incorporated fully into your requirements. For example we can add assessors who will join the team to motivate each group and log group dynamics as required.


Treasure Hunt Timeline

The Treasure Hunt is a half-day event and can be arranged for an morning or afternoon start. It takes approx 1.5 hours to complete and will usually cover most of the historic sites and points of interest around the town centre.

Here is an example of an afternoon schedule:

2pm - 2:30pm

Treasure hunt and quiz commences. Teams of 5-8 leave the venue on a staggered start of 5 to 10 minute intervals.

3:30pm – 4pm

Treasure hunt and quiz finishes.

4pm - 4:30pm

Marking, answers and prizes awarded.


What's Included in a Teambuilding Treasure Hunt?

  • Two event coordinators (or more if you have a large group)
  • Additional characters met during the trail (optional added cost)
  • Prize for the winning team
  • A copy of all the photos from the day on a CD, either on the day, or posted to you the day after (additional cost)
  • Treasure hunt pack including: Backpack, Maps, Notebook & Pen, Treasure Trail clues, Notebook, pen and clip board
  • Digital camera (optional added cost)

Maximise the Fun!

Add a Murder Mystery. Combine a treasure hunt in the morning or afternoon with our teambuilding murder mystery in the evening and save 10% off the treasure hunt facilitation fee!

Make it a weekend. Turn your day into a treasure hunt and/or murder mystery weekend by adding an overnight stay with breakfast to your package.

Personalise it. Our treasure hunts are prepared for you personally, so if you would like the event tailored in any way to emphasise a particular skill you wish to develop within the team please let us know. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to understand your needs and turn them into reality through consultation, research and planning.


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